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I bought a Mac at the web store. They offer "zero interest financing", and it turns out this is done via a Barclay's credit card. (Apparently it used to be called Juniper, but Barclay's bought that company.)

Then I tried to set up automatic payments. The first time, I put in my bank account number wrong (because the number for electronic transactions is longer than the one that's usually on my bank statement), so that payment failed to go through. They charged me a $39.95 fee simply for getting the account number wrong. So I called up about that, and no, they cannot waive that fee. I asked for a manager, and the person tells me that one is not available but can call back within 24 - 48 hours.

To me, a fee is punishment for trying to defraud them in some way. Late payment - that's normal. My payment was not late: I corrected the mistake and still got it in on time. They are charging me this much because of a simple error. It most certainly does not cost them that much for an unsuccessful attempt to make an electronic transfer.

Since there is "zero interest" they will be as greedy as they can in other ways.

I filed complaints with the FTC and the Delaware BBB.