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May 2014 with Larry and Ruth

stave church at Folkemuseet

crab tree in the Frogner area

the royal family waving

Rus buses parked out front of Vigelandsparken


gate made from skis

the ski jump at Lillehammer

from the 1994 Olympics

stabbur at Teigen Gard where we stayed two nights

Pasque flower - pulsatilla

Larry built this mini-snowman

some very old inscriptions, hard to believe they could be there so long


“base camp” lodge on Galdhøpiggen

Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain in Norway

Teigen Gard

Stave church at Lom

The founder of the local Sparebank

Claims to be the best bakery in Norway

Bøvra in Lom

somewhere between Lom and Geiranger

on the way down to Geiranger


Hole Hytteutleie, we stayed here two nights

Peter the Snowplow, retired since 1968 if memory serves

starting on the ferry to Hellesylt

Seven Sisters waterfalls

view from Hellesylt harbor

an abandoned farm

our cabin at Geiranger

this waterfall was quite near our cabin

old Hole farm stead, partway up the hill

they say somebody painted this on the side of the barn one night, artistic grafitti I guess but not related to the Hole family

pointing to where the avalanche came from, which destroyed this farm in 1907, prompting a couple of others to abandon their farms too

another abandoned farm, higher up the hill, which it turned out was not in so much danger from avalanches after all

somebody made this watercolor painting in the guest book

Paige car which was in use carrying tourists around Geiranger a long time ago

the Mannheller-Fodnes ferry

Larry says these are Scottish cows, but I heard there is a Scot who started a brewery in Flåm; I wonder if they are his

view over Flåm

“Route book for the crofter railroad between Flåm and Myrdal. Valid up to and including doomsday.”

Made in Oslo at Thune. During the war. Hmm…

A coworker found one of these bayonet light bulbs in use in the storage room at his apartment.

on the “road” from Flåm (most of the way) to Myrdal

another scary one to drive over

and then we walked the rest of the way up to Vatnahalsen

back down again

relaxing on Langøyene