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So for quick copying, to generate an SSH key pair on the client machine:

ssh-keygen -t rsa

and to send your client machine's key to any server on which you wish to be able to log in without a password (e.g. ~/bin/send-key):

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh ${1} "cat - >> .ssh/authorized_keys"

or if there is a non-standard port number:

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh -p <the-port> root@${1} "cat - >> .ssh/authorized_keys"

To send a backup tarball from a machine to a server (minus dev mnt proc sys tmp, which can be recreated as empty directories later):

cd /
tar zcvf - bin boot chroot etc home lib* opt root run sbin srv usr var | ssh root@server "cat > /path/to/backup.tgz"

To pull a backup tarball from a server and install it locally (e.g. after booting from a rescue CD):

ssh root@server "cat /path/to/backup.tgz" | tar zxvf -